State of the fox

Quick state of the fox post. I was kind of feeling overly anxious Monday, having a ton of stuff to do at work, and not a lot of motivation. Today I managed to flip the switch. Got to work, dug out all my security audit notes and converted them into one file with details and notes and my ideas for correcting them. My two meetings went pretty smooth. I also got stuff done for Operation: Survive Mother's Day, aka getting a bunch of funny cards and sending them out to people. This year I sent out 8, I'm already pondering next year and ramping it up. I think Mom would appreciate it, and it turned a possible landmine day into something to be positive about.

Besides work and mail, I had a good weekend with the HPL Film Festival (livestreamed for those of us who couldn't make it). Mood has been pretty good. Looking forward to Saturday, and 'Black Widow: Civil War' (lets be honest, I'm Team Natasha). Lots of books to read and movies to watch. Life is feeling pretty ok right now. Hope it stays that way.

Going to try to post more often, don't want to let my blogging skills get rusty. Catch you all later. *Waves a tentacle*

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