All the spy Mythos fiction out there, with all the different secret/black agencies, SPECTRA, The Laundry, Delta Green, The Black Chamber(s), etc... In all the various countries and treaty alliances and such. all exist in a very weird world in my head. All the contradictions and negative opinions are just a long series of disinformation and inter-agency/inter-ally/inter-enemy squabbling. They all work for the same master spy. Hotep. Nyarlat-hotep. He likes his minds shaken, not stirred. (Thanks to Douglas Wynne for the original inspiration for this post, and for the quirky dudes in SPECTRA) (Yep, I have one of my own. A small. sub branch of the US Office of Naval Intelligence (pun intended) tasked with keeping a dialog open with certain aquatic powers that woke up one day and found their favorite little village of hybrids was gone, and got a tad annoyed. Luckily, Deep Ones are nothing if not practical and a deal was struck. What kind of deal...well that's above your security clearance Senator. Some day I really should come up with a cool code name for this bit of mental rambling on my part)

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