Nightmares, anxiety dreams, and me

I’m getting tired of dreaming. Another night of a dream hitting me right in my anxiety. Last night was more BS about friends being their bizarro world opposites, and something about buying a moving truck. Maybe I was moving into the house of the occultist that I dreamed about the night before (after my more horrible nightmares). I don’t remember the last night I didn’t have an upsetting dream. *grumble*

I’m not sure what my brainmeats are trying to process. I think it’s just the time…this time last year was epic stressors. Maybe it’s just echos of that. I don’t know. I just know that sleep is not my friend right now.

Can’t I just dream of a cyclopean city rising from the depths, or a serial killer with knives for fingers, or a guy with a snake head. Or, more me, falling behind the walls and running from zombies. (reoccuring nightmare I had as a little kid). So much better than the current set. Oh well, it will pass eventually. Talk to you all later.

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