Some days it’s good to crawl out of bed

Well today was interesting. Was in a bit of a funk yesterday, Sunday blahs and being anxious about work. Nothing horrible, I just have a bunch of stuff due this week and I've been spinning my tentacles a lot. Had a good night's sleep, including a great dream about sailing a replica tall ship down the Brazos river here in Texas. Woke up, and I was so tempted to call in and try my damnest to get back into the dream. But, I decided that between not having PTO yet, and having the above mentioned amount of work, that calling in would be a bad idea. So I headed on in.

Decided to put what I was working on with Nagios on hold, and start working on the Cacti (another monitoring software) part. Now I've used Cacti for years and years...but pretty much only to monitor network gear, not servers. It's not really different, but there was some frustration as the nuts and bolts were giving me issues. But after some muttered Assyrian curse words and a bit of Googling, I figured out most of the issues. There's still some servers that have weird issues, but I'll get it figured out. And what I figured out for Cacti will also apply to some of the Nagios issues. So yay there.

I also got an email, my dead tree edition of 'Cthulhu Lies Dreaming' is due in this week, and I got the ebook edition now for instant gratification. I was really wondering what I was going to read tonight, nothing really was hitting my interest at lunch. I also got home early enough to get the package waiting for me, another nifty statue from Cryptocurium, of Zhothaqquah (Tsathoggua). Always good to add another Great Old One statue to the collection. I really need to build/buy some kind of display cabinet for the collection. *grin* And I also decided to go ahead and buy the soundtrack to 'The Witch'. Made good, eerie music to configure software to. Now I'm home, I've consumed leftover Chinese food, and will probably go to bed with a book in short order. Amazing how today changed gears so well, glad I got up and got moving. Go me !

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