Saturday of sneezes and systems

And it's Saturday, and I've got a small cold, or allergies kicking in kind of hard. Do. Not. Want! At least it waited til the weekend to kick in. Hoping it passes on through before Monday.

Had a pretty good week at Carcosa. Spent most of my time on Windows 2008 servers, because the universe has a twisted sense of humor. Got my first full paycheck on Thursday, which was nice...both for financial reasons, and that I could put a hard number in the 'income' field on my budget. Yay monies. Was also highly social this week, Sunday dinner with the Musketeers, Wednesday hangout with Amythest, dinner with my friend who got me the job at Carcosa, and his wife on Thursday, and hangout with some other friends last night. Yay socialness, though I'm glad I have today to hermit and chill.

Upgraded the RAM on Hydra this morning, went from 4 gigs to 12 gigs. Planning on migrating the on-all-the-time server VMs I host on Dagon over, maybe today. I am working on my usual VM upgrades. I had a fairly long list of chores to do today, but I think I'm going to just do what I can as I feel up to it. The only downside is I'm kind of lacking in foodstuffs, as I was planning on going to the store today. Oh well, I'll improvise and/or order in.

That's about it for today. Quiet Saturday at home with computers and movies. Wish me luck on feeling better, and I'll catch you on the flip side.

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