The calm before the fun

New Years Eve. So far I've slept in, I've done the general get ready stuff, went to MegaWallyWorld. Decided that I'm crazy, but I'm not THAT crazy. Went to miniWallyWorld, got the 3 things I needed and came home. Quickly signed a bunch of Cthulhumas cards for people at the shindig tonight, or that I'll see in the very near future.

I'm now watching 'Anacondas: Search for the Blood Orchid', epic cheese. Going to the NYE party about 7. Been pretty wound up, anxious/excited about Monday and job hope.

Tomorrow is my traditional 'try to do fun things' New Years Day. I sense computer foo, bad movies, and tasty foodstuff. Maybe I'll go out and do something, I don't know. Mostly though, I just want calm. Saturday I'm helping Amythest with some stuff, and Sunday is our traditional laundry, TV and hanging out. The meeting with the staffing agency is 3pm on Monday. I sense a bunch of xanax til then.

That's about it for right now. Going to call this a post, and I'll I'll probably catch you next year. Til then, happy new years.

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