Cleaning and squids

Well it's Monday. Sunday was a day of quiet, I didn't feel like leaving Château Innsmouth, and I barely left bed. Books and naps, yay naps. Down side, I slept like crap. Decided to push the doc-in-a-box visit back...woke up and had a snack, then remembered I was supposed to be fasting. Doh. Oh well, I'll go tomorrow. And I'll write myself a note to not snack at 5am.

Today is starting the great Château Innsmouth clean up. Already swept the kitchen and put out some trash. I also have 'The Beast' miniseries playing on TV. Yay giant squids vs Grissom from CSI. The plan for today is mostly low hanging fruit, sweeping and picking up clutter.

Not much else. Going to take it as it comes. Probably going to avoid leaving the house today. Hermiting while cleaning...with attack squids on the TV. Sounds good to me. Catch you all later.

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