Last day of down time

Had another mostly good night's sleep, woke up about 11. Futzed around for a while, ran some errands including filling up my fridge. Came home, unloaded stuff, got mail, Haven't really done much else, well I did sort the pile of stuff from NYC, mostly receipts I didn't need to keep. Finished the update of VMs, going to upgrade my two main Linux Mint VM's to 17.3 beta to play around as I usually do. Geek, thy name is Vulpine.

Tonight I've decided to have a late night, movies and geeking and stuff. Last bit of post vacation decompression before tomorrow getting my butt into gear with that darn resume. Also going to push myself on walking, not NYC level of steps, but more than the 5k I've been aiming for. We'll see how it goes. I'm also doing ok on snacking, a little before bedtime and I'm mostly sticking to normalesque portions for meals. Aiming for little changes that build up.

Did a little Cthulhumas shopping today, nothing major. I can't do my usual overspend this year, not when I'm currently unemployed. So mostly cards, a few things here and there, and avoiding my habit of picking up something for myself whenever I order something for others. Yay fiscal responsibility.

Ok, that's about it for today. Coming soon will be the Book of Travels, once I sit down and write it all out. I also have some redecorating/re arranging plans to work out. I will be productive and stuff. Go Team Vulpine.

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