The Laundry

Woke up early, after some psycho dreams. One, all grain in the universe had been destroyed, except for grains in the form of a giant pretzel stick. You could grind it up to make bread or porridge, or just nibble on the sticks. Weird. Woke up hungry. Went back to sleep, dreamed that the end of the world was happening, and the Anti-Christ was visiting DFW to end the world at Six Flags. Except it was obvious to me that this was just a big phony for reasons I couldn't explain. So I was ninja-ing my way into Six Flags to disrupt things by strategically placing Cthulhu stuff around the park. Darn phony evils, you cannot stand against the power of the Old Squiddy One. That at least I know where it comes from, I watched a bad Omen-themed movie last night, and I guess my brain was trying to flush it out as fast as possible.

Got up, shook my head, got dressed and headed to pick up meds from the pharmacy. Started up laundry...except only 1 out of 4 washers are working. *eye roll* Glad I had no other plans for today. *yawn* Well besides picking up Ch√Ęteau Innsmouth and packing. Do I put the tentacles in carry-on or checked baggage? *yawn* Ok people, going to get back to doing stuffs. Catch you all later.

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