And the mood swings back up

Slightly more motivated day, ran some errands including buying some new jeans for the trip. Mostly though was an excuse to be out of the house and listening to the latest Dark Adventure Radio Theatre release. Came home, unloaded the car, did some dishes and generally been in a better mood than I have been lately. Nothing like a little holiday themed Lovecraft to change the mood around.

Plans for the rest of the week are mostly trip related, along with picking up meds tomorrow (I won't run out til I'm back from the trip, but why wait). Laundry is going to get done tomorrow or Thursday day, Thursday night is dinner with my fellow travellers to go over the plans. Friday I'll be forcing myself awake at something way early...since Saturday's travel starts about 5:30 am. Ugg, that will suck. And please don't say 'You can sleep on the plane.' I've managed to fall asleep on a plane a total of twice in my life. Something about trusting my mortal coil to a metal tube in the sky causes me to be more alert than usual. I'll just be tired on Saturday... and wired. Wee.

Not much else going on, loading Fedora Rawhide (testing version) on a VM and watching Lucio Fulci's 'House By The Cemetery'. My life in a nutshell. Well, with a side of tentacles. Oh wait, I'm wearing an EoD tshirt, that covers the tentacles. *smile* And on that note, I'm going to call this a post. Take care.

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