Friday the 13th, part IV

Well it's Friday, and I'm awake. Been awake for a while. As usual lately, I had weird dreams that I really couldn't tell you if they were good or bad. Lets just settle on weird. Got an email from my agnate sibling, he's probably not going to make the scattering of the parental ashes. Haven't heard a peep from the uterine sibling. Which, is kind of a good thing, if I don't have to deal with her that's a lot of stress off my shoulders. To be honest, if I don't have to deal with either sibiloid, I'll find this much easier to deal with. Amythest and Nymaz will be much better company. *sigh* I guess we'll see in a few weeks.

Spent yesterday doing stuff, including finishing a Git tutorial, and hanging out with Amythest to go over getting around on the trip. She was happily amused at the fact I was excited about the trip. And I guess the anxiety and worries about travel are getting pushed out with the idea of how much fun I'll have, and how good it will be to visit 'the old home'. And the sea nut in me is very glad to get to see the Atlantic again. Maybe some deep ones will meet up with us at Jones's not that far from Innsmouth as the mackrel swims.

Today is a not much of anything day. I'm not anywhere near 'with it' today. But we'll see what comes up. Big plan is tonight's marathon of Friday the 13th flicks, IX, Jason X (in space), Freddy vs Jason, and the remake. Machete time will be had. The rest of the day? I have some project foo, probably some trip foo to work on as well. Plus my usual Friday build fest, maybe a quick visit to the store and walking too. Tomorrow is the lecture at the DMA on Roman history, which should be good. Then the usual Sunday. Should be a decent weekend.

So yeah, that's about it for now. I'll call this a post, and I'll get to working on geek stuff. Catch you all later.

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