Tuesday is better than Monday

Tuesday is going better than Monday. Woke up out of some really weird dreams...and promptly forgot the details. Did the usual morning routine, went walking and to the store, came home and started work on stuff for the NYC trip. Verified a couple things with the nice lady at the hotel, then fired up Amythest's trip plan and Google Maps and started figuring out how to get around the Big Apple.

Assuming the weather cooperates, we'll mostly be walking. Most everything we're going to do is in Manhattan, and within a mile or so of the hotel. The Met and The Museum of Natural History are on the other side of Central Park, so that will probably be bus. Bronx Zoo is obviously a little further away, but that's what mass transit is for. So lots of walking, and I'll probably be installing whatever app the MTA recommends on NecronomiPod for the rest. Really though, this should be cake. Will need to channel my inner New Yorker between now and the 21st, and break in my new boots. But I have time.

Not much else for today at the momnent. Probably should hit the showers soon, start looking human for dinner tonight. Probably be good to walk away from the Desk of Doom (tm) again, and come back and randomly pick something else to do. Probably dive into the insanity of next year's health insurance. *sigh* Oh well. Catch you all later.

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