More random cruft…

Huzzah for Friday. Not a great Friday, woke up out of sorts. Even if I had mostly good dreams. Made myself go walking, then stopped by the store to get a couple of fill in the gap items. Made step goal by the time I got home. Got some more feedback on the resume foo, things I need to do or come up with. Stressor, thy name is resumes.

Since I'm in a funk, I started up 'Harbinger Down' as a comfort movie. Yes, giant monsters eating a ship full of people is comforting to me. I also started the great Fedora upgrade of the assorted desktop VM, I've updated the 3 server VMs running Fedora with little or no issue. So I write a couple of quick shell scripts to do the upgrading for me. So far, I've only got one issue with it, and that's fixed by adding a flag to the update command. I have 5 Fedora desktops, and it's a big update so it's going to take a while. Oh well, it will keep me out of trouble.

No plans for the weekend, I should probably do something socialesque, but right now I really just want to be here at Ch√Ęteau Innsmouth doing things that work, or at least I can fix easily. So maybe a weekend of monster movies, geek stuff, and Cthulhu ? It really all depends on how I feel tomorrow. For now, I'm just going to run with things the way they are. Catch you all later.

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