1 year at Dunwich Abbey

1 year ago yesterday I got the keys to the new place at Dunwich Abbey. Boy it has been a heck of a year. Not going to try to recap, too much. So here's the status, signed a new lease on the place that kicks in Feb 1. I'm definitely _not_ done with unpacking, or organizing. I can't say I'll be in better straits this year, though I hope to be. Need more bookshelves. If I was a smart cultist, I'd spend this long weekend organizing, but instead I'll be cleaning most of it (was down with a sinus infection most of the week and things got a little...crazy). But even with the disorganization, definitely love this place a lot more than I ever did with Ch√Ęteau Innsmouth. I outgrew there years ago, but fear and funds kept me from moving. Here's to more years of coolness.