Requiescat in pace

She passed on today. Requiescat in pace, sister love. Not the way things were supposed to go, she was 14 years younger than me. But the universe just really doesn't care that way. I'm hope, I'm hiding in audiobooks (Grandpa Theobald's 'The Haunter of the Dark', which Jessi liked as well) and trying to stay away from emotional subjects. I talked to my boss and coworker earlier, and I'll be off the next few days, and my big project for next week is being pushed. Jello plans indeed. So I have a few days to process. The box of emotions are open, but I'm not actively processing things just yet. Just don't want to end up having a full meltdown, which keeping the box closed would do. Just wish... oh so many things.

So the next few days I'll be gentle with myself, try to either do things, or not. Sleep late, or stay up late, be there if her family needs things, or be alone if I need things. I know that last part will worry some folks, but I promise I won't be stupid. My friends are a call away, and my pshrink is really good about fitting in people with a crisis...and I am well medicated. So I'll close this up.

I'm going to miss you so very much Jessi-Badger. You kept me going when things were dark, and I won't disappoint you. See you sometime, make sure to find me some good books while you're wherever we go.