Off To Innsmouth West

Leaving for the HP Lovecraft Film Festival in a few hours, and coming back Sunday day. So pretty much just a flying visit to Innsmouth West. But I'll get my pilgrimage to Powell's Books, and see the big films I want to see. Topping the list is the Richard Stanley & Nicholas Cage production of 'The Color Out of Space', on a really big screen. I'll also get to hang out with a few hundred cool cultists. As usual I'm majorly wound up over the traveling part. TSA and flying are both stressful to me, even with me signing up for the TSA EZCheck or whatever it's called. Hopefully it's as easy as it's name. I also have to get through 3 meetings in my 4 hour shift today, one of which shall be an utter pain in the rump. But at 1500 CDT, I'll be up in the air, Junior Byakhee. So see you all when I get back.