Goin’ Down to Innsmouth: Books, books, and books

When last I went to Innsmouth, I had just gone through the tour of the Sargent House. The rain had let up, so I headed back towards Main Street. I stopped at two stores, first an antique place with lots of books. Lots of books and knickknacks and stuff, in little to no order. So I spent a lot of time shuffling around, skimming titles on spines hoping I'd catch a keyword or author name or something. Was fun, if a little crazy. The books were randomly placed, nothing by subject. I'm sure I missed some treasures because my booksenses were overwhelmed by the chaos. Picked up a couple of books and some antique postcards. Then I went further down the block and visited Dogtown Book Shop. Wow. Bookshelves groaning with books, piles of books on the floor. Books everywhere. Unlike the antique shop, they were organized. But the shop itself was a maze of shelves and nooks and stuff. Some logically, as all the histories were next to each other. Some made sense as 'well yes, after mysteries you could stick sci-fi/fantasy/horror all together...in the back of the shop...with the least light'. And some were just...best example, The erotica section was further into the back than scifi and friends, and behind part of the wall that jutted out. So pretty much you had to know where it was, or were willing to venture deep into the book-abyss to stumble upon it. Was a lot of fun to browse (the store in general, I only gave the erotica a passing glance), but I was more than a little claustrophobic and terrified I'd knock over a stack of books and start an apocalypse. Found some good books, again pretty sure I missed stuff, possibly a gateway to The Library on Celaeno. Definitely liked the hours on the door 'x to x, unless the proprietor feels otherwise.'

There was more to see and do in town, but I felt a weird urge to take a road trip. So I hopped in the rental, set the GPS and went cross Essex county to...the Other Innsmouth.