Fun with Friday

Huzzah for Fridays. Last Friday I'll be at home for a while. Got up early with a call from the recruiter, verifying last details. I'd had issues sleeping this morning, so I got up earlier than planned. Bummed around Château Innsmouth for a while, then went out to invest in a new computer chair, I've been getting lower back pains lately, and I'm pretty sure it's due to the used POS chair I've been using. So I did some test sitting, and came home with a nice meshback chair. Didn't spend too much, and I'm already feeling more comfortable. Put it together without the arm rests, as I almost never use them. Yay better fox spines.

Also went by the store for a couple of things, came home, made lunch, been watching movies. Currently watching 'Se7en' because I obviously am a bit of a masochist. Tonight after I pick up dinner, I'll be doing a marathon of the 'Phantasm' movies in honor of Angus Scrimm, that and I've been wanting to watch them lately. Tomorrow I'm out and being social. Sunday is Amythest time and laundry. Monday will probably be epic level hermiting and tentacle regeneration. Need to be prepped for the wild rumpus. It's been just over 4 months since I left the 'pit, it's going to be interesting getting back into the swing of things.

So yeah, life is pretty snazzy. Virtual machines are updating, kernels are getting patched, (4.4 baby!), serial killers are being very literary on TV. Later tonight will be snazzy food and flying silver balls with drills and a very tall guy. Ok, catch you all later.

Working through the quest chain

It's Wednesday, got up early to do paperwork with staffing agency, and then have lunch with people from the company I'll be working at. In between, I had about an hour, so I went to Half Price, got a few books and cheap movies (Sonny Chiba + Brian Lumley for the win), then went to the office. Had a little trouble figuring out where the entrance was, but since I tend to be early, it worked out.

They took me to lunch at Firehouse Subs, which was pretty tasty. I asked a few questions, figured out that my start date 'should' be next Tuesday, but that depends on the background check. Hours will be 8:30 to 5:00, I get to be the early guy. Since I'm contract, I won't be expected to work from home or outside of 6 to 6, which is a plus, but will be very weird. Since I'm contract, I'm hourly...OT included, so they don't want to have to pay OT rates if they don't have to. We'll see what this means in the practicals. No VPN access, so they're serious about the no working from home, which is a plus. I'll be able to put work down and leave it down.

Came back to the office, got the tour. And I got a very good feeling about the company. Decorated cubicles, the dev section had a plush camel with a Gollum toy riding it. Conference rooms had quirky names. Multi-monitors are the rule, with HP workstations. Windows, but I expected that. General corp IT setup, but again that's nothing surprising. Everyone was exceptionally friendly, glad I'm coming on, etc. The tech areas aren't OCD levels of organized, but everything is in it's place, and logical. So no warning signs, nothing scary.

I really have good feelings about this. I felt welcome, and that people were glad I'm coming onboard. I'm going to be busy, they've needed a 3rd person in the dept for a while. So I see much testing of my ability to pick up stuff quick. But, I feel like it will be appreciated by the coworkers, and if things go according to personal plan, I'll show that I'm really necessary, and I'll be brought on board for real. But, even if not, I really do think this will be a good step for me in general.

So I get a long weekend. I'll get some social in, I'll get some quiet in, and I'll be ready to rock and roll. So go team Vulpine. *waves tentacles in joy*

Stuff and things

Been a Tuesday of the sorta weird. Woke up this morning, got a call from the staffing agency about a drug test. Went by the library to print out the paperwork (maybe I need a printer), and drove on over. No real problems other than mildly shy bladder and a very loud AC winding me up. Came home, got some more calls from the staffing agency, I'll go in to finish the paperwork with them, then I have a lunch meeting with the actual company I'm working for. This should be fine, but of course my anxiety is spiking a bit. It should all be simple enough though. *crosses tentacles* That's about all for right now. Tonight is basic self care and quietness. Books, a hot shower, and hopefully well working meds. I'll post more tomorrow after the meet, great and eat. Night hominids.

Quiet weekend

Had a quiet weekend. Well, except for the peals of laughter due to watching crazed horror-comedies. Friday night I watched 'Deathgasm' for the first time, crazy New Zealand movie about metalheads accidentally summoning a demon. Epic metal soundtrack, over the top gore, and lots of leaps over the line of good taste. It was a hoot and a half. On the down side, I found that my pizza place has changed sauces, or I got accidentally cross contaminated with onion. Unhappy stomach was very unhappy.

Saturday I hung out with Nymaz and Amythest, we put up Cthulhumas decorations and stuff, had grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, and watched 'Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse'. Which is another over the top horror comedy. So yeah, if you're looking for laughs, and have a strong stomach, I'd recommend either movie...they're a hoot and a half.

Sunday was laundry, some shopping with Amythest...picked up 6 polo shirts at Goodwill for the price of one at say, Amazon. Watched a bunch of NCIS episodes, including the multi-part, over emotional, cliffhanger season finale. (last season, we've been playing catch up). I really enjoy NCIS, but I really could live without the drama overloads they do about once a season.

Otherwise it was a pretty standard weekend of geeking, other less memorable movies, and books. Today was the 'onboard' paperwork with the staffing agency, on one hand it was boring as hell, on the other hand I could do it sitting in my pajamas if I wanted to. Went to the store and got all the things. Waiting on details of when to do my drug screen, and Wednesday I get to fill out paperwork that can't be done online, and meet people from the company I'll be working at. So I guess I either start Thursday, or next Monday. Either way works for me, pluses for both. For now though, I'm going to make some dinner, veg out here at Château Innsmouth and see what I have to do tomorrow. Catch you all later.

The Details

So I'm guessing folks would want details. The job (which doesn't have a cool nickname yet) is a 6 month contract doing Linux administration, with a little Windows and network thrown in on the side. I'll be working with one of my close friends, who I've worked with before, so I know we can keep work and personal separate. It's via a staffing service, so no 1099 stuff, staffing company is pimping me out for the contract, and paying me via W2. The job made it clear it's a contract position, but the idea is to get in, show off my mad skills and make myself indispensable so that at the end of the 6 months they'll hire me on. But...even if that doesn't happen, I have 6 months to hone my skills, pick up some new ones, and blow the rust off. The fact they hired me on the basis of my friend's recommendation, my resume, and a phone interview gives me a good feeling.

It's a Redhat shop, so I'll have to get some practice in. Shouldn't be a big deal, I'll just have to stop thinking Debian-esque all the time. I'll also be running on a Wintendo, that will probably be what I spend more time dealing with, but since it's mostly Linux my work will be in a ssh session. And I've always bragged that I could make any setup work 'my way' with little effort, time to prove it.

The money is good, real good. But I'm planning on sticking to my old Shoggoth Pit budget for the most part, using the excess to seed my savings and pay down debts. If it goes perm, I'll probably juggle it somewhat, but for now I'm planning that I'll be job hunting again in 6 months. I get benefits in 60 days from the staffing firm, but they're not anything amazing (the recruiter's words). But it will probably be cheaper than paying for it myself, so that will free up some bucks in March. Not much else in benefits, but that's the price of contracting. Get paid every week, which is kind of weird...I don't remember the last time I got paid weekly...oh wait, when I was temping as a Dell salesweasel back in Austin. So that's going to take some adjustment and budgeting rethink.

My start date is next week, kind of vague on when. I've got to pass a drug screen *laugh* and a background check *more laughs*, and do paperwork at the staffer before I start. I'll get more details Monday.

So yeah, I'm majorly excited, been happy dancing since I got the FYI. The anxiety about change will probably kick in Sunday. I need to pick up some business casual stuff in the next few days, get used to waking up bright and early, etc. It will be ok, it really will be ok. So wish me luck and mad skills, and I'll catch you all later.

Excuse me…

Excuse me...


Back in the Linux world *happy employed fox dance* Just spoke to the recruiter. Technically I still have to pass the drug screen and background check, but that's not a problem. I'm a good cultist.

*Screams yippie!*

Glad it’s Friday

Not doing so hot. Woke up to possible really good news yesterday, but as the day wore on, I wore down. Finally post dinner I just decided to go hide in a book. The book had a good premise, killer gene-engineered octopus runs amok. But the non-monster story line was convoluted, had too many plot twists, and way too much discussion of Texas Hold 'em poker. And not enough octopus attacks. That being said, I was amused, and it was part of Kindle Unlimited. Then I went to sleep...or tried. Was down, couldn't get my brain to shut up. Finally dozed off, and I had weird, unsettling dreams. Got up this morning, got showered, took my meds, etc. I have some errands to run, but I'll do them closer to dinner time, as I think I'm going to treat myself to some Chinese take out.

Mood is pretty blah, nothing specific just lack of sleep, and lack of tentacles. Hoping today will be better. If nothing else, it's Friday... and Fridays are always better. Catch you all later.


Interview done. I'm not sure how I did, I rambled a bit, and in a few spots I felt like I gave weak answers. But, this is my first real interview in 12+ years, and I'm always hard on myself. So, we'll see.

Hopefully Ninja-like interview skills

Well today has been busy. Got up after some crazy dreams about offering to fix Cacti for the Shoggoth Pit, but being turned down...something else that was memorable, but now it's gone. Got moving, went to the local library to renew my long ago lost card, and print out some stuff. New library is pretty cool, even if the main workstations run Windows XP. *wonders if a certain tech-raptor is wincing* Got my printing done, grabbed a random thriller novel with an interesting premise (yes the library has Lovecraft, yay Lovecraft). Went and got my sleep med refill, and got the crazy insurance updated. Came home, put up the meds and a few groceries. Talked to my recruiter, I have a screening call with job #1 tomorrow morning. I also got the details on another job, but it's mostly network, and I'm really trying to avoid going back to a pure networking position. So politely said 'no thanks.' I'm kind of wound up, I hate interviews, and I'd really like this position. Need to post a sign 'breathe, think, then speak', so I can avoid running off at the mouth as I do when I'm anxious. At least it's first thing, so I don't have to build up on the anxiety.

Been watching 'True Detective' season 1, alright crime drama, not enough Carcosa and King in Yellow references. Took out the trash, doing some laundry, need to do some dishes too. I think the plan for the rest of tonight will be finishing up show, chores, and making some notes for tomorrow's screen. Then bed, with books. Oh yeah, have to make said bed after the laundry is done.

So yeah, I'm wound up, but I'm not panicing. Lets hope for good stuff, good news and a lack of anxiety. Catch you all later.

Monday: Part Deux

Well, my meeting was had. Took a little while to get there, as Google Maps was trying to run me to the trainstation, and then take the line up to the office. *shakes head* Found the place, had my meeting. I got a general ok feeling, talked a bit about my wild life, and why my resume has a ton of network foo when I'm looking for Linux stuff. Talked about 4 jobs in total, the original one working with a friend, a Redhat support position for a telco's webhosting division, and a couple of mixed duties positions. One is on the other side of the Metroplex, which I was honest about not wanting an 80 mile round trip commute if possible. Another is a maybe, it may already be filled. The other two, I should have more info on in the next few days.

Left the meeting, went down to Amythest's school to pick up my tablet, and we talked a bit about the job stuff. I'm trying not to ponder things too much, as I don't want to set opinions without all the facts, or to be utterly honest, to not sabotage myself into thinking 'No, I can't do $blah'...a think I'm rather talented at doing. So...we'll see. I do have a good feeling in general though, I did real good on the Redhat skills test I took, so that's a plus. So, we'll see what comes up.

Left the school, went to Wally World and got assorted stuff. Came home, finished watching 'Dark Water' and now watching the season premier of 'A Haunting'. Yay spooky shows. Otherwise, I'm tired...didn't sleep good last night, and I was running on high most of the day. So I'll probably keep on winding down til it gets around bedtime. Of course, when will bedtime be? *yawn* I dunno, we'll see. Ok, calling this a post. Catch you all tomorrow.