Formatting annoyances

Ugg, some how my 'don't do any Wordpress formatting BS' plugin failed utterly, and rewrote all the posts with wordpress formatting. Went through and manually removed the code cruft and republished. Easily fixed, just tedious. Hopefully the config changes I made will prevent it happening again. *sigh* *crosses tentacles*

Historical and Tentacular

Was a very good day. Even if it started off with a profound sense of exhaustion this morning. I think I woke up a half dozen times in the night, I know my Fitbit step count looked like I'd gone to the mailbox twice in the night (which was welcome, as I was behind). Got clean and motivated, Amythest swung by and we headed to the Dallas Museum of Art for some Roman history.

Mary Beard is one of those historians, who not only gets all her historical ducks in a row, but can make a dry subject very lively. I've seen her on TV a few times, and read some of her work. She also gives a good lecture. Basic stuff, mostly about how her new book is about how defining 'Roman' changed repeatedly over the course of the empire. Fun bit, she had a Roman woman's epitath on the display, from near Hadrian's Wall. The woman's name, her status as a freed slave, that she was from a tribe further south in England, and that her hubby was from Palmyria in the Middle East. Those Romans got around. But before she started explaining it, I was picking out the Latin. The name, that she was an ex slave, her age at death, that Palmyria was involved. My Latin, while still nothing resembling more than a passing nod, is better than it was 10 years ago. Go me. The rest was basically how we can't just say 'Ok, that's Roman history, finis'. What we know, what we understand, how we interpert it, changes as time passes, and as we change. Which I'm in whole hearted agreement. In the Q/A she answered a few high brow questions, as well as stateing that besides Mary Renault, her favorite historical fiction writer is Lindsay Davis, of the Falco Roman mysteries. (I recommend them too.) Then we broke for the book signing, which me and Amythest passed on, due to the huge crowd. We instead went to our favorite bits of the DMA, then headed to the car and back out of Dallas. (Btw, if you're interested, Professor Beard's new book can be found on Amazon/B and N/other bookstores. S.P.Q.R. I'm pretty sure if you like history, you'll enjoy.

We got in contact with Nymaz, and met up to see 'Spectre' in the theaters. I'd heard some less than stellar reviews of the latest Bond flick, and I kind to have to agree that it wasn't great. Solid enough, but nothing spectacular. Unless you're talking about the title sequence. Which was full of tentacles and girls and more tenacles, and tentacles with guns... I was a very happy cultist. I also blame Charles Stross for no longer being able to watch a Bond flick without thinking 'But what would Bob Howard do ?' Seriously, Bond would be so much more effective with a Warrant Card, a Tilligast resonator and a iPhone with the OFCUT suite. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, well Google 'Charles Stross laundry', buy some of his books too.) 3/5 dry martinis for a decent Bond flick, 5/5 perky tentacles for the title sequence.

(wow, call me the book pimp today)

The three musketeers talked about the NYC trip next week, I dropped Amythest off at her car, and I came home and wrote this. I'm zonked, and probably will make a very early night of it. Not too early, as I'll just be skewed off kilter tomorrow as well, but no 2am movie marathons tonight. Will probably catch up on TwitterBook then go to bed with a book. Not sure which one, the Mythos story I was reading today, Templar fanfic-history, my copy of the above mentioned SPQR (got the ebook). or something else. Oh lord, I probably should write a book randomizer for the Kindle app for nights I have no decision making skills. For now though, it's the interwebs and creepy Lovecraft music til bed. And this got long fast, so night night all.

Gettting into Git

If you're new to the using of Git, I highly recommend Git Immersion. It's about 50 pages going though the basics of Git. I've been using git to get files for years, but never got into the minutia of things, since I never had changes to push back to the repository (end user, not developer). But since every job posting I've seen in the last 6 months has Git, or something similar in practice. as part of the desired skillset, I decided I needed to learn to do more than 'git pull'. So if you want to grok git, this is the place to do it.

Friday the 13th, part IV

Well it's Friday, and I'm awake. Been awake for a while. As usual lately, I had weird dreams that I really couldn't tell you if they were good or bad. Lets just settle on weird. Got an email from my agnate sibling, he's probably not going to make the scattering of the parental ashes. Haven't heard a peep from the uterine sibling. Which, is kind of a good thing, if I don't have to deal with her that's a lot of stress off my shoulders. To be honest, if I don't have to deal with either sibiloid, I'll find this much easier to deal with. Amythest and Nymaz will be much better company. *sigh* I guess we'll see in a few weeks.

Spent yesterday doing stuff, including finishing a Git tutorial, and hanging out with Amythest to go over getting around on the trip. She was happily amused at the fact I was excited about the trip. And I guess the anxiety and worries about travel are getting pushed out with the idea of how much fun I'll have, and how good it will be to visit 'the old home'. And the sea nut in me is very glad to get to see the Atlantic again. Maybe some deep ones will meet up with us at Jones's not that far from Innsmouth as the mackrel swims.

Today is a not much of anything day. I'm not anywhere near 'with it' today. But we'll see what comes up. Big plan is tonight's marathon of Friday the 13th flicks, IX, Jason X (in space), Freddy vs Jason, and the remake. Machete time will be had. The rest of the day? I have some project foo, probably some trip foo to work on as well. Plus my usual Friday build fest, maybe a quick visit to the store and walking too. Tomorrow is the lecture at the DMA on Roman history, which should be good. Then the usual Sunday. Should be a decent weekend.

So yeah, that's about it for now. I'll call this a post, and I'll get to working on geek stuff. Catch you all later.

Wednesday’s Cultist is full of lists

And it's Wednesday. Woke up an hour before my alarm, wide awake. Decided to go walking. Got most of my daily steps in, but ran out of steam before I could hit goal. Came home, did some organizing and reached out to the sibiloids about scattering Mom and Dad's ashes. So I had to figure out which beach and where. Emailed Agnate Sibling, and texted Uterine sibling. And promptly had a minor anxiety fit. It's amazing how much ability they have to mess with my head, when I really care so little for them. *sigh* Oh well, it's done.

I'm done a few other random things, working on honing my Git skills, since every job seems to require knowledge of Git. And while I use it often to pull testing/beta software down to build and use, I've never actually made commits and pushed them back up. I R not developer, but given how version control is in everything now a days, I need to be slightly more proficient, or at least able to fake it.

I've also pulled apart my satchel, and repacked the things I'd need for the trip. Basically pulling out everything that the TSA would frown at, and the stuff I just don't need (cables, the USB drive collection, etc). Need to revisit the TSA website to make sure all is still good. Definitely have to remember to leave my multitool at home, both because of the TSA rules, and because of NYC's rules in regards to knives. Oh well.

Decided to fire up Vincent Price and 'The Pit and the Pendulumn' as comfort flick. (Yeah, I'm weird). I also rebooted my systems, kernel update yesterday. Basically I'm trying to knock down the other low hanging fruit on my TODO lists, and making new ones for the trip. *sigh* Oh well, that's life...a cunning designed series of shell scripts and flat files to run my existence. Oh well, it could be worse...I could run on Visual Basic. *wink* Ok, catch you all later.

Tuesday is better than Monday

Tuesday is going better than Monday. Woke up out of some really weird dreams...and promptly forgot the details. Did the usual morning routine, went walking and to the store, came home and started work on stuff for the NYC trip. Verified a couple things with the nice lady at the hotel, then fired up Amythest's trip plan and Google Maps and started figuring out how to get around the Big Apple.

Assuming the weather cooperates, we'll mostly be walking. Most everything we're going to do is in Manhattan, and within a mile or so of the hotel. The Met and The Museum of Natural History are on the other side of Central Park, so that will probably be bus. Bronx Zoo is obviously a little further away, but that's what mass transit is for. So lots of walking, and I'll probably be installing whatever app the MTA recommends on NecronomiPod for the rest. Really though, this should be cake. Will need to channel my inner New Yorker between now and the 21st, and break in my new boots. But I have time.

Not much else for today at the momnent. Probably should hit the showers soon, start looking human for dinner tonight. Probably be good to walk away from the Desk of Doom (tm) again, and come back and randomly pick something else to do. Probably dive into the insanity of next year's health insurance. *sigh* Oh well. Catch you all later.

Stuff and things

Not doing so well. Sunday would have been a good, quiet I had a major anxiety spike while plotting NYC trip stuff with Amythest. Whelmed fox is whelmed. I calmed down, and we had a decent afternoon of watching 'Arrow' episodes. I have a laundry list of stuff to plan out for the trip. Came home after tv and laundry, read for a while and crashed.

I slept ok, no horrible dreams. Woke up...and just faded. I haven't gotten anything really done, a few chores here and there. I've tried to get more important stuff done, and I've utterly failed every time. Couldn't even get walking done to any degree. I've pretty much being running in neutral all day. *sigh* Hopefully I can find the clutch and get things into gear tomorrow.

In other stuff, Uxía the laptop is giving me issues, yet more wireless issues, this time at Amythest's place instead of home. I'm thinking of leaving Uxía at home for the trip. Depends on how much I think I'll need to write up stuff while I'm gone. I'll have NecronomiPod and Cthäat Aquadingen (phone and tablet) with me, but typing on Android isn't something I want to do brain dumps on. *sigh* I don't know...there's going to be a lot to talk about trip wise, and probably there will be some epic brain dumps after taking the parents to the beach. We'll see what I decide come next week.

Tomorrow I have dinner with some friends. Will try to get the calls made and stuff organized tomorrow before dinner. We'll see. On that note, I'll catch you all later.

Saturday of semi-social

Had a good day. Woke up this morning out of odd dreams, and actually felt like leaving the house for once. Did some geek work this morning, figured out the Dagon reboot issue from a couple of weeks ago (boot cycle seems to want to try the USB drive array first, but didn't bother giving an error about it. Turn off the array after shut down, turn Dagon back on, all is well.) Talked to , headed on up by way of Fry's Electronics...I'm looking at replacement mice, and was hoping they'd have a selection of new Logitechs to test, but nothing really good. Oh well, it's not a need, just a thought. Then I headed on to hang out with and . Oh, new cool thing, their dog, Freddie barely barked when he figured out I was there, and then he came right up for his pettings and started making this odd little whine. I thought he was upset about something, but no...that's the noise he makes when his humans show up. So I'm offically adopted. *warm fuzzies* He's a Good Dog (tm).

I'd picked up a couple of Redbox flicks, 'Trace' a soso horror flick about why EVPs can go horribly wrong. Then 'The Lazarus Effect' which I'd seen before, but they haven't. Still a good watch. Also watched a few 'A Haunting' episodes which were mostly background noise to us shooting the breeze, with occasional commentary. I got home about 10, and I was in a random mood for the Blind Spanish Zombie Knights Templar, so I started up 'Tombs of the Blind Dead'. Crazy 70's eurohorror at it's 'best'.

Besides that, I'm just kind of vegging. Will probably go dive into a book after this movie is over, or I might watch the 2nd flick in the series. We'll see. I have lots to read, and I am kind of tired. Tomorrow is Amythest time and laundry, with a side of trip planning. Yay for quiet Sundays with best friends. Catch you all later.

Things I’ve done tonight

Trying to be productive tonight, or at least getting low hanging fruit. So far I've gotten the following done.
  • I figured out the upgrade for the Fedora desktops has a flaw, the X configuration breaks in some kind of weird way. I've verified this twice, tried rebuilding the VM's video drivers, and that failed. So I'm going to try building Fedora22 from scratch and seeing if I can build it then. Maybe later tonight or tomorrow.

  • I've updated all the server VMs, with the latest 4.3 kernel on one. Working on the Ubuntu/Mint desktops now. Nothing too fancy on them, though Linux Mint should have the latest Mate desktop in unstable shortly, looking forward to playing with it.
  • The plan for the trip to New York is to bring Uxía the laptop. I'm not sure how much internet access I'm going to have while in the big city, but if I do have access I want to have all the tools I use on Dagon. So I've configured my CLI clients for LiveJournal, Wordpress, email, and IM. Not that I plan on spending much time on any of them, but I want to have the options and the ability. I still need to test email and IM, but they should just work...config files are the same. I normally can hit everything via ssh to Château Innsmouth, but since I'll be gone a week, I'm planning on shutting everything down here to save my electric bill. And I've been meaning to have Uxía setup to do everything I do at home, just in case.
  • Speaking of NYC, I reserved a rental car for taking my parents to the beach. I thought about using public transport, but since it's not summer, the buses to the beach aren't running. Also, it gives us some flexibility about getting there, getting back. Also means I don't have to rely on relatives, which given my issues was really not an option. Was fairly easy to do, and while it's kind of pricy, it's dealable. Especially if it lowers my anxiety about the trip (which is pretty high).
  • I'm looking at changing Hydra's VM management software from VirtualBox to KVM+QEMU. VirtualBox is rarely used in a corp environment, especially for servers. So I've cloned the two VMs on Hydra, installed the software, I just need to make the changes and see if I can import the server VMs back. If not, I can import them on Dagon while I work things out. I've always meant to use Hydra to host the servers, and I can always use more experience with KVM.

    So that's what I've gotten done tonight, I still have a huge laundry list of things to do in the next week. But I'm not feeling as discombobulated as I did earlier today. Catch you all later.

  • More random cruft…

    Huzzah for Friday. Not a great Friday, woke up out of sorts. Even if I had mostly good dreams. Made myself go walking, then stopped by the store to get a couple of fill in the gap items. Made step goal by the time I got home. Got some more feedback on the resume foo, things I need to do or come up with. Stressor, thy name is resumes.

    Since I'm in a funk, I started up 'Harbinger Down' as a comfort movie. Yes, giant monsters eating a ship full of people is comforting to me. I also started the great Fedora upgrade of the assorted desktop VM, I've updated the 3 server VMs running Fedora with little or no issue. So I write a couple of quick shell scripts to do the upgrading for me. So far, I've only got one issue with it, and that's fixed by adding a flag to the update command. I have 5 Fedora desktops, and it's a big update so it's going to take a while. Oh well, it will keep me out of trouble.

    No plans for the weekend, I should probably do something socialesque, but right now I really just want to be here at Château Innsmouth doing things that work, or at least I can fix easily. So maybe a weekend of monster movies, geek stuff, and Cthulhu ? It really all depends on how I feel tomorrow. For now, I'm just going to run with things the way they are. Catch you all later.