Wednesday Stuff and things

Continued to be motivated, well sorta. Got up from some weird dreams, including one where I was transgendered in some form or fashion. Specifically according to some test my parents had done, I was female, and thus I was to be referred to with all female pronouns, while ignoring the beard, other secondary sexual signs, and other such things. Very odd, not going to claim a dream gives me special insight or other malarkey, I'll just say to anyone I've gotten gender crossed with, or used the wrong word, I am sorry, I'll do my best to not doing again. There were other dreams about going to school at Misaktonic U, and other Mythosy bits, but they didn't stick as well. Got up, got moving, went walking. Got caught up, though my feet are unhappy now. Came home, made lunch, probably will throw myself into the shower now that my stomach isn't make angry noises. Plans for the day, I have to migrate a website, and update it's code. It should be pretty simple to do, just will take some time, some googling, and actually doing it. Also need to stop by the pharmacy to get my blood pressure meds. Fun fun fun. I'm also probably going to have another navel gazing post later today. There's stuff in my noggin, and I probably should let it out. Nothing horrible, just how I am in week 2 of down time. That's about it for right now. Catch you all later, have a good hump day.

More motivated Tuesday

Well Tuesday is more motivated than Monday was. Had a weird night, I read for a long while, and had issues getting to sleep. I had some kind of anxiety dreams, and didn't want to get out of bed this morning. Finally did get moving about noon, and I made myself go walking. Walked for a little under an hour, hit goal and then some. Yay me! Came home, got a shower and some lunch, and now I'm vegging out. Watching 'Prometheus', aka 'Science: You're doing it wrong'. Like I said yesterday, been in a Xenomorph mood. Not sure what else I'll be doing today. Chores are caught up for the most part. Maybe I'll mess with some geek stuff, or dig into a book, or just watch cheesy movies. It's vacation time still, and I should be vacationing. So yeah, better mood and such than yesterday. Book time was good last night, finished the latest 'Delta Green' collection, the latest William Meikle novella, and a short story collection I got from Kindle Unlimited. Yay epic tentacles. Probably going to dig into my book on Roman cults next, I'm behind on my dead tree reading. On that note, I'm going to call this a post. Catch you all later cultists.

Monday Mehs

Not having the perkiest Monday, even if I'm not working. Combination of the blahs, and a sinus headache. Went to bed way early last night, after reading for a while, woke up a few times this morning, and kept crawling back into bed. Finally got up around noon, and I have very little motivation. Given that, I'm taking it easy today. Currently watching 'Aliens', been on an Xenomorph kick lately, reading the 'Alien' novels that came out last year. Yay aliens.

Oh yeah, I jammed my toe last night against bedframe again. Don't think it's broken, but it's banged up good. Hurts a bit, not too bad though. Just enough to let me know the toe is unhappy.

Not much else to speak of today. Assuming I find some motivation I'll probably do a store run later. Beyond that, no plans, not much of anything. Quiet day, quiet time, well minus the noise of Colonial Marines vs Xenomorphs. Laters gang.

Sunday stuff

Well it's Sunday, I'm over at Amythest's watching TV and doing laundry. Figured out that my issues with Uxía the laptop has to do with my home network. Here I have a nice stable wifi connection. Since only the laptop has the issue, I'll just connect via a ethernet cable when at home. Since I rarely use my laptop anywhere but at my desk, this isn't a big deal. Vaguely annoying, but that's about it.

Had a mostly decent night's sleep. I think I had a blah dream or two, but nothing I remembered upon waking up. Nothing much planned for today besides laundry and best friend time. Need to start pondering plans for next week. Nothing much, more walking, more relaxing, more decompressing. I have a couple of not-fun things to do, nothing major just having to call companies and deal with customer service. Wee.

So that's about it for today. Hope everyone is having a restful Sunday, and I'll catch you all later.

Weirdness with VirtualBox and Windows 7

First post of geek stuff. Was running though my virtualmachine horde and I ran into an issue with Windows 7. The bridged adapter was saying 'no internet'. Googling was less than helpful, so after poking at it a few times, I shut it down, switched from bridged to NAT, restarted and got network. Ran Windows Update and got two Windows OS updates, 2999226 and 3080079. Installed those, shut down, went and reset to bridged, booted back up and huzzah I had network.

Weird thing, a friend of mine was talking about the same issue, but on a Windows 10/VMware setup. Which is why I jumped to the 'Ok, it's Windows' conclusion. Hope this helps someone out there.

Stuff and Things

Saturday got rolling after a while. I updated all the server and Ubuntu based VMs, watched all 3 Conan movies, and setup wordpress on my new site. I finally also worked out a work flow that will allow up to update wordpress posts via a CLI, using Vim. That was most of the last hour, hacking away at vim plugins and trying to find the path of least GUIness. So this post is kind of a test of the usable workflow, write up a post in LJ, save it to LJ, open the post via vim, remove the bits of html code I use, mostly line breaks, and post up to wordpress. A bit of a kludge, but since I'm not a developer, it will have to do.

Also, in the 'hey lets change stuff' theme of this last week, I updated the Mate theme I use on Dagon and Hydra, 'Green Submarine'. It's a nice dark green theme, which works well given my workstation names and general color. I've used the same theme for years and years, but I guess it's time to change everythging up in my life *wink*

Dinner has been made (chicken taquitos) and eaten. Mood has definitely improved, getting stuff done = a goodness. The new website is coming along, assuming this post works I'll be ready to 'unveil' it in the upcoming week. (It's not a big deal, but it's something I've been thinking of doing for some time). Ok, I'll call this a post. Which me luck on testing.

(edit: it worked just fine I think.)